The beauty of this collection lies in the
versatility and the ability to customize

The molinillo, the iconic utensil used to prepare the traditional Mexican hot chocolate drink, has served as a source of inspiration to create a unique jewelry collection that captures the essence and charm of the country's culture.

Xocolate by TANE is an invitation to explore the magic of Mexico through jewelry.

Taking the house's signature .925 silver as a base, you can find silver pieces in combination with 23-karat yellow gold vermeil, silver with 18-karat rose gold vermeil, and silver with ruthenium plating to obtain a deep black color.

But that is not all. Xocolate by TANE presents five exclusive .925 silver pieces with lab-grown diamonds: these dazzling pieces highlight the beauty and brilliance of diamonds, offering jewelry lovers a unique experience.

This diversity allows the pieces to have a combination of colors and textures, never before seen in the brand: the beauty of this collection lies in the versatility and customization capacity it offers to jewelry lovers. Included within the collection are earrings, bracelets, necklaces and a unique series of rings that can be mixed and matched, allowing people to create a unique piece that reflects their personal style. From subtle combinations to bold combinations, the possibilities are endless.