To celebrate our 80th anniversary,
we present one of the brand's greatest innovations to date:

A collection for which we have reinterpreted a series of TANE icons to make them shine more than ever.

The most precious stone in the world merges with Mexico's most iconic brand, craftsmanship and integrity.

Although we love our heritage, we also love what is to come: for Diamonds by TANE,
the choice could not be other than to look to the future.

Committed to our impact on the world, TANE has embarked on a path with unprecedented results: in 2021, TANE proudly became the first Latin American retail brand to be named an Officially Certified Member of the Responsible Jewelery Council, a non-profit organization. committed to ensuring that its members operate with ethical, social and environmental responsibility and transparency.

Therefore, TANE will only work with lab-grown diamonds, which makes TANE México 1942 one of the first jewelry brands established in the world to present jewelry collections that combine silver with lab-grown diamonds. .

Lab diamonds are diamonds. Regarding mined diamonds, they have two big differences: their origin and their impact on the earth and the future of the environment.

Diamantes by TANE

For now. For the future. For everyone.

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