Policy of the Responsible Jewelry Council for TANE

TANE is member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). As member of RJC, we are committed to run our business according to the Code of Practices of RJC. We are committed to integrate the ethical, human rights, social and environmental considerations in our daily operations, business planning activities and decision-making processes. 

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Ethics and integrity

The companies of BAL Group (“the Group”) have Integrity Policies which address the requirements of the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, provide for the prevention, compliance, supervision and accountability mechanisms to prevent acts related to administrative infractions by the members of the organization (the “Associates”), regardless of the legal entity for which they work, their labor relationship, the functions or the position they hold, in their relationship with the other persons, especially with public entities and servants.


Organization and Procedures Manual

Likewise, the companies have an Organization and Procedures Manual that delimits the functions and responsibilities of each area. They also have clear policies and mechanisms implemented to prevent and fight corruption and any type of practices that are not in accordance with law, as well as to take actions against impunity.  


Code of Ethics and Conduct

All the companies have a Code of Ethics and Conduct duly approved, diffused, published and socialized among the Associates, in such a way they are aware of it, understand and apply it. They have systems and mechanisms for the constant monitoring and supervision of their compliance. The Code defines the ethical standards that rule the corporate behavior of all the Associates of the companies, as well as the standards that must be observed in their decision making and management.

According to the provisions of the Code, the Group’s companies carry out their operations and business relationships in an ethical way. Therefore, they have established a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption acts, according to which, the Associates must observe at all times the laws currently in force in this matter.

The guidelines provided for by the Code include those that rule the Associates when they are related to stakeholders, authorities or interested third parties to prevent illegal acts, corruption, bribery, conflict of interest or any other act against the corporate values of the Group; they also include the guidelines that establish the obligation of keeping the associates aware of the laws, standards, policies and procedures, both internal and external, and apply them in relation to the activities of the companies. 

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Refer to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Third Parties

Reporting System

We encourage our associates and business partners who are aware of any action breaching our Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as any law or regulation, to report it through our Reporting System, which is available 365 day, either through the webpage of the Reporting System, by email or by phone. Any report can be made through the company or directly at the headquarters. Every report is confidential and can be made anonymously.


BAL Group does not tolerate any type of retaliation or threats against any associate or business partner making a report. Likewise, any associate dissuading or preventing someone from reporting or seeking help or the required assistance to report will be subject to disciplinary action. Retaliations are a breach by themselves and can be reported through the Reporting System.

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Control, Surveillance and Audit Systems

BAL Group’s companies have proper and efficient control, surveillance, monitoring and audit systems that constantly and regularly assess compliance with the integrity standards. The Compliance area is responsible for establishing controls and for the surveillance and monitoring of the observance of the integrity standards. In addition, the corporate governance bodies, the Internal Audit area, as well as the annual assessments of the internal control system by the external auditors contribute to achieve this purpose.


 Training and education systems and processes

The training programs include specific courses for the Associates in relation to the policies and the integrity management system. In addition, there are mandatory annual certifications of the understanding of and commitment to the Code of Ethics and Conduct by the Associates. As part of this process, it is required to declare whether there is or not any potential conflict of interest.


Minerals, Metals and Precious Stones Supply Chain Policy 

At TANE we work towards maintaining a reliable, responsible, and ethical minerals supply chain and have established supply chain risk management policies, guidelines, and systems to guide our practices in a responsible manner, to prevent any involvement in the development of armed conflict, organized crime, money laundering or human rights abuses. 


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Política de Evaluación de Cumplimiento de Terceros 

At TANE we work to establish systems that help us to identify, evaluate and mitigate reputational, integrity and non-compliance risks, in accordance with the regulations applicable to Third Parties with whom we have or intend to have a business relationship. 


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Human resources policy

The Human Resources area has a process to attract, evaluate and select talent according to the principles of honesty, integrity and respect. These policies prohibit the discrimination of any person based on the ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, social condition, health conditions, religion, sexual preferences, civil status, or any other against human dignity. The Human Resources area performs interviews, examinations and evaluations of the candidates to guarantee that the talent is suitable and, if necessary, it applies trust tests to the Associates that collaborate at certain areas in order to measure the potential risk of improper behaviors.


Transparency and disclosure of interest mechanisms

In order to guarantee transparency and disclosure of interests at all times, the following actions are performed:

  • The listed companies of BAL Group comply with information disclosure requirements set forth by the securities market. 
  • The BAL Group’s companies keep updated their corporate and accounting books and in accordance with the applicable internal regulation.
  • The Associates and suppliers disclose the relationships that could give rise to potential conflicts of interest to prevent and sanction the behaviors that compromise the fairness of the Associates in the ethical, efficient and objective performance of their functions.


Code of Ethics and Conduct of all the BAL Group’s companies

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In TANE, the most important is safeguarding the safety of all our associates.  If at any time you feel intimidated or uncomfortable with any situation occurring at the company, BAL Group provides you with the required resources not to keep these situations in silence.

The Proper Line is a unique resource and is specially devised for situations where someone is not aligned with and breaches our principles. To know more about the Proper Line, click here.