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The inexhaustible imagination and deep artistic insight of Xawery Wolski is showcased in each of his works. For this, the artist delves into a reflection about time and space, seeking to unravel matter’s ability to be transformed into metaphor. Irida and Arce take their names from Greek mythology, where two mythical entities shared an honorable mission: to bear messages between gods and human beings. In their travels, these deities named Irida and Arce, would leave in their wake rainbows connecting worlds and intertwining them in a cosmic dance.

“ I am interested in creating communication bridges that allow the past and the present to appear in unity; in the hope that this dialogue continues to find new compositions in time and space”
– Xawery Wolski

Sterling silver, TANE’s hallmark, reflects light with sublime elegance, giving each link an enveloping softness. The delicately molded and joined links reveal a precision and skill that can only be achieved by the expert hands and artisan mastery of TANE's silversmiths. The polished and shiny surfaces become a mirror reflecting our own curiosity and inviting us to delve into the mysterious recesses of this sculpture. It is through the changing reflections that Irida acquires its fascinating nature, as if it were in constant dialogue with its viewer.

Crafted from sterling silver and presented in an exclusive, limited and numbered edition of 24 works for Irida and 4 works for Arce.