TANE, Mexico's only world-class luxury brand celebrates 80 years of history and expertise.

We celebrated!
Marking 80 years of excellence and passion for representing the best of Mexico.

TANE was founded in 1942 by Sergio and Natalia Leites, a French couple who moved from Paris to CDMX. With its avant-garde designs, TANE became a reference, as well as the destination for elegant, delicate and exquisitely handcrafted products in silver and gold.

Since then, special moments are celebrated with TANE.

Eight decades of making jewelry and objects in silver and gold of the highest quality, through artisanal techniques that transcend generations.

Eight decades of passion and excellence, of design and collaboration, of growth and innovation, of creating classics and icons that shine forever.

Proud to represent the best of Mexico.

Recently, TANE México 1942 was launched in the United States, as the first step in the brand's global expansion strategy, debuting at Couture Las Vegas, one of the most important luxury jewelry fairs in the world. In 2021, TANE was selected by the expert jury as the winner of the prestigious Couture Design Award — Best in Silver.

The Onda Embroidered Bracelet, the winning piece, expresses the two most important values of TANE: the emotional connection with the history of Mexico and the excellence of its artisans.

Celebrating eight decades since its founding, TANE once again makes a difference and is an example in the industry.

TANE is proud to be the first Latin American retail brand to be named an Officially Certified Member of the Responsible Jewelery Council, a non-profit organization founded in 2005 and based in London, United Kingdom, committed to ensuring that its members operate with ethical and social responsibility. and environmental.

"All TANE products are made with the utmost care and excellence, and to last for generations. Therefore, we are very proud and excited that the RJC has officially certified that this deep-rooted philosophy not only applies to our products, but also to the way we manage our daily lives, and the way we treat the world around us.

Ralph Simons, CEO of TANE.

Let's celebrate TANE's 80th anniversary together.

Welcome to a year full of celebrations!